About the Legal Research Foundation

The Legal Research Foundation is an independent, non-profit organisation associated with the Faculty of Law at the University of Auckland. The AGM booklet for the current year's AGM provides more information. The AGM provides a social opportunity to get together with like-minded members of the legal profession.

At the LRF's 50th anniversary dinner in 2015, Hon Michael Kirby AC delivered a speech celebrating the LRF's achievements. Hon Michael Kirby is an Honorary Fellow of the LRF.

The purpose of the LRF is to promote legal research and education in New Zealand and we achieve this in several ways.

The LRF publishes the New Zealand Law Review, New Zealand's leading law review. The Review is published quarterly, and is contributed to by leading legal scholars drawn from the academic and professional community in New Zealand. The LRF holds occasional Masterclass lectures given by Review authors throughout the year.

In addition, the Foundation organises conferences on topical issues for the legal community, invests in a visiting scholar programme in association with the Faculty of Law at the University of Auckland, and sponsors the Legal Research Foundation Annual Writing Awards, announced at the LRF's AGM. 

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LRF Executive Council

  • President

    Hon Justice Simon Moore

  • Director

    Andrew Brown QC

  • Executive Secretary

    Sian Abel

  • Dean of Law, University of Auckland

    Professor Andrew Stockley

  • District Court Representative

    Judge Nevin Dawson

  • Department of Commercial Law, University of Auckland

    Associate Professor Chris Nicoll

  • Publications Chair

    Associate Professor Bernard Brown

  • Editor New Zealand Law Review

    Marcus Roberts

    Katherine Sanders

  • Student Members

    Jack Alexander

    Callum Burnett

    Angelina Andrevski

  • Co-opted Members

    Jenny Cooper

    Marc Corlett QC

    Kate Davenport QC

    Professor Mike Gedye

    John Hannan

    Simon Ladd

    Simon Mount

    Matt Sumpter